Multi account manager solution

MAM  is designed for money managers and clients who are looking for professionals to manage their funds. Multi account manager (MAM) offers a unique solution for professional traders who need to manage multiple accounts simultaneously.

MAM is the most effective solution for managing all your trading accounts.

Features of the MAM solution

Instant change of allocation parameters

Trades – micro (0.01) lot allocation

Unlimited number of trading accounts

Account currency (USD)

Partial close of orders by master account execution.

All trading styles allowed including hedging and scalping

Live order management monitoring within MAM including P&L

All MT4 order types: stops, limits, trailing stops, close all, etc.

Control all the managed accounts from a single interface

Eight allocation methods – Lot , Equity, Even, Balance and Commissions

Compatible with EAs (Expert Advisors) and automated strategies

Monitor commissions and performance in real time

Why choose FXB’s MAM solution

FXB’s MAM solution has been tested to provide stability, flexibility and rapid execution for all professional account managers. Our Multi Account Manager account enables money managers to execute block trades across an unlimited number of client sub-accounts.

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  • Easily identify positive price movements of any cryptocurrency
  • React to price reversals immediately
  • Identify underlying trends with historical graphs
  • Track every price change on your crypto as it happens
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