Protection you can rely on

We want all our clients to feel secure when trading with us. That’s why we provide access to one of the world’s leading External Dispute Resolution (EDR) organisations, the Financial Commission.

Our Financial Commission certification

FXB is an approved Category A member of the Financial Commission. This means that if a dispute arises between you and FXB Trading, you are free to make a request to the Financial Commission for mediation. In addition, our Category A membership ensures that your funds are insured up to 20,000 USD

For further information about the Financial Commission, please visit the following link:


If you would like to find out more about the Financial Commission and FXB’s certification, please click here to visit the Financial Commission website.

What the Financial Commission offers

Protect your funds up to the amount of $20,000

Access to a neutral, third-party mediator for disputes

Swift response and resolution of complaints

  • Easily identify positive price movements of any cryptocurrency
  • React to price reversals immediately
  • Identify underlying trends with historical graphs
  • Track every price change on your crypto as it happens
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