Boeing share price flying, but turbulence ahead 

Boeing share price soaring, but turbulence lies ahead

Boeing share price has risen 66% in the last year, but a move against Canada’s Bombadier backfired and given biggest rival, Airbus, an advantage in the growing smaller aircraft segment of the industry without the aerospace giant investing a cent Boeing’s (BA) share price has risen an impressive 66% compared to this time last year. It’s been boosted by enthusiasm in the airline and defence markets. Increased travelling has had a positive effect on airline traffic, while rising international tensions have prompted countries to increase spending on defence. But there [...]

Traders should buckle up for volatile Tesla ride

Tesla share price could be a rollercoaster ride

Tesla share price has risen on expectations electric cars will dominate automobile sales in the future and high demand for its models. But damaging news reports have concerned the markets and might affect the company’s short term value This looks like the time for traders to bet against Tesla (TSLA) shares in the short term as the market reacts to reports that Model 3 electric vehicle (EV) deliveries are going to be delayed with news stories about escalating production costs, production line issues and lay-offs throwing doubt on the company’s ability to turn a [...]

PayPal becoming a trader's best friend

Traders are cashing in on PayPal success

PayPal share price is rising and is being backed to keep growing by analysts who have overcome earlier concerns about the renegotiation of its deal with eBay with Deutsche Bank particularly excited about its monetisation of social payment app Venmo It looks like a great time for traders to start getting friendly with PayPal (PYPL) shares. Morgan Stanley’s James Faucette upped his price target to 76 from 62. Faucette is one of many analysts who are enthusiastic about the online payment service provider. PayPal’s share value has grown steadily since [...]


Water will be a more valuable commodity than oil

Demand issues mean that only big business can finance the improvements needed in water management and infrastructure to meet the world’s future supply needs  It’s only a matter of time before water becomes a traded commodity like oil, gold and silver. When demand exceeds supply, business steps up to find a way to meet that demand. But to do so it will faces massive costs. As a result the market will have to set a price for life’s most precious commodity. According to the UN 40% of the world’s population [...]


Financial Commission – Announcement

FXB Trading has established itself as a catalyst for change in the world of online trading by putting the interests of its clients first. The mission is to provide a standout trading service that delivers the tools that traders of all levels need to be successful, so that they trade with FXB for the long-term. FXB offers CFDs (Contracts for Difference) on forex, commodities, indices and shares, and its clients benefit from superior security of funds, fast execution, multiple [...]

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