Avoid the pitfalls of forex trading robots

Forex trading robots have become a popular tool in the personal forex market. They’re often attractively priced and marketed as ‘Expert Advisors’ that can operate on the best trading platforms. However, an increasing number of traders are not happy with the purchase of their automated forex trading program.

Sold on profits

Anybody with a product to sell will focus on the product’s most attractive features to get you to buy it. That is especially true about automated trading products. Often, they’re presented as offering the path to financial freedom and easy to use.

In reality, the evidence of their success is just a small sample of trading when the software enjoyed a profitable spell.

The disclaimer makes it alright

Every forex trading robot is sold with a disclaimer that denies any responsibility for how it will perform in the future.

The words may be different each time, but the message always amounts to the same thing. There’s no guarantee this software will trade profitably based on its historical performance and protects the seller from potential fraud claims.

Get a refund but not your money back

In an effort to calm customers who were unhappy with their trading robot purchase, many sellers simply offered a refund.

Even though the buyer may get the money back, the money they lost using it was gone.

Read through any online trading forum and it won’t be long before you come across unhappy traders who feel they’ve been misled by false advertising about forex trading robots.

Traders who purchased the forex trading software through Clickbank tend to have an easier time getting a refund. Legitimate claims made by the purchaser within the 60-day / eight-week period are usually dealt with quickly and efficiently.

It is not recommended that traders purchase a forex trading robot. If they do, they should buy it using Clickbank and test the software during the trial period. This should be done to minimise the financial impact if the results are disappointing.

Too good to be true

The saying goes: if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Genuine innovation has made our lives easier and better. However, if the software was capable of delivering the results sellers claim it can, why do banks continue to pay their forex traders six figure salaries?

The simple truth is that it isn’t possible for trading software to deliver positive results on a consistent basis. Successful forex trading can be learned and is highly profitable, but it requires skills and judgement that simply can’t be reproduced by software.

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